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Patrick O'Brien

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Psychic Eatings Magazine says:
Patrick O'Brien (773) 904-8204 - The foggy mist that hung over Chicago Monday night seemed a perfect backdrop to a mystical experience with local psychic Patrick O’Brien at RoSal’s Restaurant in Little Italy. O'Brien visits RoSal’s twice a month to hold mini psychic readings for the pasta-loving crowd. Even those of us intrigued by psychics are often put off by the dozens of 900 number-type, big fat fakers out there. But there’s hope. Anyone seeking a more worthwhile experience than one can find with the $5 street festival psychics (you know, one yes-or-no tarot card question, the generic “you’ll live a long life” palm readings) should give O'Brien a try. He has a reputation for accuracy, plus we've been told he helps the Chicago PD solve crimes. Nice.

O'Brien’s perceptive abilities are downright eerie. He’s able to pinpoint everything from a person’s profession to their secret passions without flinching. He can outline family histories, even calling out relatives by name. Best of all, his ability to dissect a dysfunctional relationship can theoretically save a customer years of therapy.

Still, to his credit, O'Brien pinpointed a few childhood traumas with freakish accuracy. He also offered some guidance, especially in love and family. Overall, the psychic experience with O'Brien offers a little introspection and a lot to dish about over dinner.

Patrick O’Brien can also be found at Mrs. P & Me Restaurant in Mount Prospect on Tuesday nights, and at Tony Rocco’s in River North on Thursdays. His next date at RoSal’s will be February 18. O'Brien also does over-the-phone readings and private parties.


Danette Naperville, IL 

Wednesday Oct 10
I had a reading from Patrick at RoSals at with a few of my friends- They call him the Spaghetti Psychic. He picked up on the fact that 2 of our mothers worked at Walmart. Wild.
Lindsay J
Chicago, IL 

Wednesday Oct 10
I have been to Patrick once, at Mrs. P & Me. He was very detailed in the information given to me and even said there was an ex-boyfriend who had recently come back into my life, which was true. He said this guy wants more but will not tell me so right now. He even correctly named him. He was also able to see the recent deaths of my grandparents. Also, after insisting I was in school to be a teacher, and me denying it, he suddenly, out of nowhere, said I was going to school for marketing, which was true. Four years later, that ex-boyfriend and I are now happily living together and have been for over 2 1/2 years. Also, I am currently working as a Marketing Coordinator!
Wood Dale, IL 

Wednesday Oct 10
I've seen Patrick O'Brien, as have other family and many clients and friends. He is quite good, and has freaked out a few people I know with his accurracy! I went to see him on my birthday many years ago, he was between readings, and playing a game machine that gives out stuffed animals, he won one, lost the other, and handed it to me and said "well, happy birthday, anyway", not knowing who I was nor that it was my birthday! Amazing!
Des Plaines, IL 

Tuesday Oct 16
I, too, have seen Patrick O'Brien at RoSal's and he was great. Very scary with his accuracy not only regarding my past, but also w/my present and future. He actually correctly named several people in my life and outlined the role they've played in my life. It was amazing he was actually able to use their correct names and not, "I sense you have someone close to you whose name begins with an M." He knew so many thing about me and those around me...and gave me some insight into my future. Only time will tell how accurate his predictions really are...
Oak Park, IL 

Las Vegas, NV 

Patrick Obrien is the best psychic I have ever met... very helpful and caring. His predictions are amazing. His TV show on fridays at 8:00 with Comcast Cable channel 35 has helped many people understand life in so many ways. Visit Patrick you will be amazed!

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